Qussai Marashdeh and Justin Parrott (Abu Amina Elias) are two unconventional thinkers who have worked together for more than 10 years to promote understanding between cultures and religions. They have both traveled the world and interacted with people from various backgrounds and faiths. They also read and speak Arabic and English fluently. Their combined expertise includes sciences, philosophy, theology, technology, and entrepreneurship.

Why Khair Ummah?

In a very turbulent time for Muslims around the world, the true values of the message of Islam are being obscured by rough extremism and the inability of many Muslims to relate the message to modern times. We believe this inability comes from ignorance of the sources of Islam, the Noble Quran and teachings of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), as well as ignorance of the world around us. People often view the practice of theology and natural science to be incompatible, but we believe this separation contradicts the proper understanding of monotheism in which God created the universe, sent the messengers, and decreed consistency within the creation.

We launched Khair Ummah in order to reconcile faith and rationality in hopes of charting a new path for Muslims and humanity in general, to challenge extremism with the light of moderation, and to take a fresh look at the sources of faith and reason from the perspective of monotheism.